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The 3/8'' Low Profile Saw Chain is ideal for home users who do not use the saw chain frequently and gardeners who trim and maintain yard trees. It is simply to operate, easy to maintain, and has high safety performance.
Hengjiu has been committed to innovative technologies and optimized processes to provide cost-effective saw chains for various users.

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Founded in 1953, Hengjiu Machinery Group has been focusing on the R&D and manufacturing of chain transmission products for more than 70 years. Hengjiu operates 8 manufacturing factories and R&D centers and is the top player in term of yearly turnover. The headquarter is located at Zhuji City of Zhejiang Province. China 3/8''LP Saw Chain Manufacturers and Factory
In electronics industry, beer and beverage, metallurgy, forklift , food machinery, mining machine, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, four-wheel drive transfer case, grain and oil industry, sugar industry, environmental protection industry, papermaking, glass manufacturing, lumbering, wood processing, three-dimensional parking , smart home, textile and many other industrial fields we are professional chain drive suppliers. 3/8''LP Chainsaw Chain Factory


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Industry Knowledge

3/8"LP saw chain is a type of chainsaw chain commonly used on small to medium-sized chainsaws. The "LP" in the name refers to the chain's low profile design, which means that the depth gauge or "raker" is lower than on standard chains. This design reduces the chain's weight and allows it to run faster, making it ideal for light-duty applications such as pruning, trimming, and small-scale cutting.

The 3/8"LP chain has a pitch (the distance between two links) of 3/8 inch and a gauge (the thickness of the drive links) of .043 inches. It typically has 56 or 62 drive links, depending on the length of the chain.

The low profile design of the chain means that the depth gauge or "raker" is lower than on standard chains, which further reduces the weight and allows for faster cutting. However, this also means that the chain is less durable than standard chains and may require more frequent sharpening and maintenance.

It's important to choose the right chain for your chainsaw to ensure optimal performance and safety. Always consult your chainsaw's manual or a professional if you're unsure which chain to use.