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.080'' Mechanical Lumbering Chain
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.080'' Mechanical Lumbering Chain

  • .080'' Mechanical Lumbering Chain
  • .080'' Mechanical Lumbering Chain
  • .080'' Mechanical Lumbering Chain
  • .080'' Mechanical Lumbering Chain
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Gauge: .080''/2.0mm
Cutter: chipper
Assembly method of saw chain: standard, semi-skip,skip
Hengjiu.404''.080'', this saw chain is a large chain specially developed and manufactured for mechanical fellers. The tie strap and rivets are more sturdy. Even if the chain is used to the end of its life, the chain extension rate is extremely low and reduces the occurrence of unplanned downtime.
The working environment of the feller is very harsh. In order to adapt the saw chain to the high-strength continuous felling operation environment, Hengjiu has developed a high-power cutting head, selected higher-grade raw materials and improved a unique heat treatment method, which can be faster and more stable and can cuts all types of wood. This greatly increases the efficiency of the feller and the output of sawn wood.
Hengjiu is one of the few manufacturers that can manufacture high quality 080'' mechanical feller chains.

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Why Choose Us
01. Equipment
As China .080'' Mechanical Lumbering Chain suppliers, Hengjiu has invested in advanced heat treatment equipment, automatic assembly equipment and other high-precision equipment.
02. Cost
Hengjiu has strong production capacity and sufficient storage capacity to provide customers with cost-effective products. Supply wholesale .080'' Mechanical Lumbering Chain
03. Quality
Hengjiu has its own testing center and mold making center, and has a testing system for the whole process line from materials, parts to finished products.
04. Service
Hengjiu has a professional sales team and a complete pre-sales and after-sales service system, which can respond to customer needs in a timely manner.
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